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December 31, 2013


Ten Books that would be a great investment of your time to read in 2014

I have always been an avid reader. Many people enjoy hunting, fishing, or golfing, but I have found my hobby in reading books. My love for books is not only in reading (although I can be found reading up to five books at once), but also in browsing bookstores. I enjoy exploring the shelves to stay up to date on popular books, both old and new. Because of my love for books and reading, I would like to offer 10 book recommendations for 2014. Of course, as a person who loves to read books, I can’t help but mention the importance of reading the Bible. It’s not worthwhile to read any book if I’m not grounded in “The Book.” My first recommendation is a Daily Bible that sets the pace to read through the entire Bible in 365 days. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments on these recommendations!

The MacArthur Daily Bible: John MacArthur @johnmacarthur

On July 18, 2014, I will have read through the Bible every year for 15 consecutive years. During those 15 years I have used several different One Year Bibles. I have found The MacArthur Daily Bible to be the most enjoyable because of its added daily commentaries. It is a great tool for personal study, as well as small group discussions.


A Passion for Souls: Lyle W. Dorsett

A Passion for Souls is one of my favorite biographies. This book follows the life of D. L. Moody, from his salvation in the back room of a shoe store, to the legacy of five ministries that still exist over a century later. This testimony is inspiring to read as it illustrates a life that was completely surrendered to God’s Will, and has been an encouragement in my walk with the Lord.

The Prophecies of Daniel: Lehman Strauss

If you enjoy prophecy or studying books of the Bible, this commentary on the book of Daniel is perfect for you.  Lehman Strauss was an incredible Bible teacher and has authored many books. I believe this was one of his best.


A Life of Integrity: Howard Hendricks

This book will challenge you in every area of personal integrity and your walk with Christ. Howard Hendricks was a long time professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, and truly modeled the principles written in this book.


On Being a Leader for God: Warren Wiersbe

This short, easy to read book on Spiritual Leadership is one of the best I have ever read on the topic. It is a must read for any Christ follower who aspires to grow in their walk with the Lord.



How to Pray: Ronnie Floyd @ronniefloyd

Pastor Ronnie Floyd is one of the most disciplined pastors that I know. His book; “How to Pray”, radically changed my quiet time and my study of the Word. I read this book 15 years ago and was inspired to read through the Bible each year as part of my daily quiet time.  I have maintained that discipline ever since.

The Complete Husband: Lou Priolo & The Excellent Wife: Martha Peace


I assign these books to every young couple I counsel before their marriage. These books are great tools for couples young and old, as they seek the Biblical definition of a Godly husband and wife. I read The Complete Husband every January, and each year I learn something new about being a Godly husband.


7 Men and The Secret of Their Greatness: Eric Metaxas @ericmetaxas 

For years authors have used the lives of famous people to inspire the next generation and spur them on towards good deeds. In this book, Eric Metaxas uses the lives of 7 Men; (George Washington, William Wilberforce, Erick Liddell, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Jackie Robinson, Pope John Paul 11 and Charles W. Colson) in a way that encourages us all to emulate their examples.


Heaven: Randy Alcorn @randyalcorn

There is a lot of talk about Heaven these days, and it is not always Biblically based. This is a great book for any believer who wants to understand what the Bible has to say about our eternal destiny. Randy Alcorn’s book on heaven is an incredible read and is a resource every believer needs in their library.


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  1. Karen
    Jan 2 2014

    Thank you for this list. I look forward to reading these in the new year.


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