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November 30, 2011

Profiles In The Faith: Bubba Cathy

I am not sure if Chick-fil-A invented the chicken sandwich or just reinvented a way of doing business.  There are not many companies that do more for our communities, our families, and our appetites than Chick-fil-A.  Behind the brand of Chick-fil-A stands a family even stronger than the company. Dan, Bubba, and Trudy Cathy grew up in Hapeville, GA, serving at their father’s restaurant, the Dwarf House.  Little did they know that they were learning the habits and character qualities that would one day land them leading one of the nation’s most respected companies, Chick-fil-A.

As the restaurant business grew, Truett Cathy wanted more than simply serving people an impeccable chicken sandwich- he wanted to raise children who loved God, feared Him, and were willing to take great risk to impact the lives of others.  This was not lip service to leaving a legacy; it was how he structured his life and business, something his children would continue to walk in.

Bubba Cathy serves as the Senior Vice President of Chick-fil-A, while overseeing the operations of the Dwarf House and the WinShape Foundation- a foundation started by Truett and has expanded under Bubba’s leadership to WinShape homes, WinShape Wilderness, and WinShape Retreat.  The WinShape Foundation provides long-term foster care, team building, leadership programs, andmarriage retreats.  Bubba’s work with WinShape continues to change the lives of orphans and marriages across the globe.

Leading a foundation his father started is an incredible work, but that only scratches the surface of Bubba Cathy.  His heart beats for men to be godly husbands and women to be godly wives. Every Sunday morning, you can find him and his wife in a classroom at First Baptist Jonesboro in Jonesboro, Ga, where he has faithfully taught newly married couples the Word of God for 25 years.  Recently, Bubba launched the Marriage CoMission Campaign around the nation encouraging believers and nonbelievers to consider what love is about.  This also led to the establishment of the Marriage and Family Legacy Fund, which is used to promote healthy, lasting family relationships across the nation.

I have great respect for Bubba and his faithfulness to invest in the lives of families around the world and in Jonesboro, Ga.  The work of the WinShape foundation is not only saving marriages and the future of children- it is exposing people to the gospel at work.  Bubba is not just a businessman; he is man who has surrendered his gifts to be used by God for an eternal impact.






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