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November 4, 2011


Profiles In The Faith: Randy Alcorn

Randy Alcorn is most widely known for writing more than 40 books and starting a ministry that reaches to the far corners of the world.  However, the thing that stands out about him is the decision that he made in 1991 when Alcorn decided the glory of God was more important than being a successful pastor, wealthy author, or famous leader. As a boy, Randy grew up in the fields of Oregon, playing ‘war’ with the other boys from the neighborhood, returning home at dark each evening, to a mother who cared deeply for her children. Although Randy was familiar with church, it was not until he was teen chasing after a cute little girl to the local youth group (who would eventually become his wife) that his heart was awakened to the grace of God.

After graduating college and seminary, Randy began pastoring a large church in Oregon- a place he would call home, start a family and a ministry, and would also be a place of great spiritual battle.  While growing in ministry, Alcorn became deeply convicted and burdened by the devastation in his community as a result of sexual immorality.  In 1985, he would write his first book Christians in the Wake of the Sexual Revolution. Soon, Randy would find himself in a real battle, unlike the days of playing ‘war’ in the Oregon wheat fields.

At the arrival of a new decade, Randy’s ministry was increasing and his heart for those trapped by sexual immorality grew deeper.  On multiple occasions, Alcorn was arrested for nonviolent, legal abortion rescues where he would help young ladies give their children up for adoption.  In 1990, an Oregon abortion clinic would press charges that would cause Alcorn to make the decision to walk away from his church instead of giving 25% of his income to the abortion clinic.  He left the church he had pastored for 13 years so the church would not have to give any of its resources to an abortion clinic.  This decision to walk away from a vibrant ministry, financial stability, and a bright future was the right thing to do, rather than supporting something God stood so firmly against.

In the wake of the court’s decision, Alcorn started Eternal Perspective Ministries to teach believers the Word of God from an eternal perspective and to reach the needy with the gospel.  Over the past several years, EPM has taken a direct focus on identifying and supporting ministries that serve in the nations around the world spreading the gospel and training believers.  The support of their ministry comes from 100% of Alcorn’s book royalties. He serves as their president receiving minimum wage to avoid having any of his income given to an abortion clinic.

Today, Alcorn has helped shape the theology and worldview of pastors, theologians, and churchgoers through biblical teaching in the form of a book. His latest book (Courageous), a novel based on the movie Courageous, is a best-seller and is impacting the hearts of men and women around the world.





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  1. Rod McColm
    Mar 3 2012

    I have been given a book by my Pastor by Randy Alcorn, titled, Heaven.
    I find the book very interesting and informative.
    I am curious as to what denominaiton Randy Alcorn is affialiated with.
    Thank you,
    Rod McColm


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