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July 21, 2011


Growing up Carnie


My family has been in the carnival business since 1933. As early as I could remember, I was working and traveling as far north as Bridgeport, Connecticut and as far south as San Juan, Puerto Rico. At the age of seven, I had my first job and started running my own business by the age of nine, hiring and firing help, buying stock, and becoming a jack-of-all-trades.┬áThe attached clip, which I recently recorded on Wayne Shepard’s program, “First Person,” gives a little taste of some carnival barking that I did. I tell more of this story in the the book, Rite of Passage, and describe how I made a transition from this lifestyle to a relationship with Jesus Christ and how it impacted my family and continues to impact them today.

Jim McBride Carnival Barker (mp3)


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  1. Jul 21 2011

    That is amazing…and it explains a lot…would love to read the book!


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