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June 4, 2014

The Houses I Grew Up In

The following are the houses I grew up in they are all in Eden, North Carolina. I wish I had a picture of the first house I ever lived in but it burned to the ground. It was a two bedroom  house that my parents had been renting when I was born.

This is a picture of the second house I lived in:


It was on Flint Hill street. You may be able to tell by the picture, but this was not the neighborhood that was envied by others at my school. In fact, being from the Flint Hill area was a running joke with other kids my age. I lived there only as a toddler and don’t have any memories of this house.

This is a picture of the third house I lived in:


The third house I lived in was a two bedroom, log cabin style home. This home was located right above Tacky Branch, and I attended first grade at Lakeside Elementary while living in this house. I could easily walk from here to my grandmother’s house, or to school. Since we lived there the logs have been covered with siding, but I assure you the logs are still underneath the new siding… I’m not trying to go Abe Lincoln on you, but I thought this was a cool house. I have fond memories of eating my mom’s pinto beans in this house… She is one of the best cooks I know.

This is a picture of the fourth house I lived in:


The fourth house I lived in was during my second grade year, and was on Primitive Street. We rented this house from my Uncle “Woody” McBride. He lived only two houses down, and it seemed like our backyard was always full of carnival equipment. This house is where I also started my first construction job. My dad once brought a load of sand into the backyard shortly after I had received a Tonka truck for Christmas. I decided to haul loads of sand around the outside of the house and constructed a one foot path completely encircling our house.

 This is a picture of the fifth house I lived in:

fifth house


I lived in this house throughout the third and fourth grade. It was on Virginia Avenue, and I attended North Spray School while living there. It was while I lived in this house that I discovered my love for football and joined the Shields Knight Arco Oil Company Team. When I was nine years old, our team won the city wide Super Bowl. I continued to play with many of my team mates all the way through high school, and still keep in contact with some of them today.

This is a picture of the sixth house I lived in:


In the early 1970’s my parents bought their first house, and paid a whopping $12,000. It was on Pervie Bolick Street, and was within walking distance of my Junior High and High School. My Uncle “Smoky” moved in with us. He worked with us for decades in the carnival business. When my parents went to work the Carnivals, my sister would stay with our aunt, and I stayed home with Uncle Smoky. I have many fond memories of playing chess with him, and I still have the Bible he gave me for my sixteenth birthday. It is one of my most prized possessions to this day.

This is a picture of the seventh house I lived in:


Sometime around my 9th grade year we moved to our house on Von Ruck Street. I finished out my High School career in this house, and lived there until Sheila and I got married. Years later we ended up buying this house, and it became the first house we owned as a married couple.


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